Good afternoon, it is Friday 7.8.2020. It is the nameday of Lada, tommorow is the nameday of Soběslav.


When there were more woods, one man went from Lubník to Lanškroun. In Sázava Highlands near municipal border, there is woodlet where is necessary to get out of way of Green Jack. When this man did not see anybody, he felt like have a smoke. There was a trunk near the road. He started to chop a filler on it, he stuffed a pipe and then he arrived to Lanškroun and arranged what he needed. On his way back home, he met a guy who showed him wounded knee. That unknown person moved away. Than the man realized that the place on the trunk (where he chopped the fill) is a knee of the man that he met. It was nobody else than Green Jack.

In Lanškroun, there lived poor laborer who had ill child. Mother gave him milk and peeled barley for eat and once she noticed that child said to someone: “Do not eat only milk, but peeled barley as well!” When she looked closer she surprisingly saw snake with crown on its head sucking milk from the child’s plate. She went to old neighbor for advise who recommended her to spread white scarf on the floor in front of the snake, that the snake will put down his crown and she should take it, carry it home and wish three things that will come true. After sundown she should put the scarf and crown on the same place. Mother followed advice of her neighbor. Next day snake came to the garden and she spread white scarf on the grass. Snake put down his crown that she took home and she wished only health of her child and easier life. After sundown she put the crown on the same place. Next day, she found snake dead and the crown disappeared. Her child became health and family did better. Crown brought them happiness.

In the suburb of Lanškroun – called “Na drahách" – every Friday, at midnight people saw ghost at shoemaker Pelcl. He was sitting on the high peer tree, had flaming eyes, tricorn hat on his head, all in white. Many times he looked like white ball, then like trihedral figure. Once, he shook with tree, then fell down and suddenly disappeared.