Good afternoon, it is Friday 7.8.2020. It is the nameday of Lada, tommorow is the nameday of Soběslav.

Long ago, on the Suchý Hill, there was beautiful castle where king lived with his daughter. She was so disobedient that king cursed her and the castle once. Castle changed into the rock and princess is locked up there. Herdsman came to the rock and saw beautiful girl inside of it who baked cake. She complained at her destiny and asked to liberation. “Every night I will appear here. The first night I will come as a burning pig and I will hold a key in the snout – you have to snatch it by this cane.” Then she gave him a cane. Then she said: “The second night, only half of my body will be burning. In the snout I will carry a ring. You have to take it by this cane. The third night, only my head will be burning. In the snout I will have saber that you must take away. Then I will tell you what to do next. If you follow my advice you will be happy.” Next day herdsman was waiting near the rock. At midnight something started to rumble. Suddenly burning pig appeared and emitted fire. Herdsman took fright and jumped aside. Pig went back to the rock weeping and crying and princess is waiting for her deliverance up to the present day.