Good afternoon, it is Saturday 16.1.2021. It is the nameday of Ctirad, tommorow is the nameday of Drahoslav.


On the Suchý Hill there is stone virgin that is sewing a shirt. Every year on Good Friday during the singing of Passions she makes one stitch. When she finish sewing, the end of the world and Judgment Day will come.

On the Suchý Hill, dragon used to live who always demanded calf from one charcoal burner. Number of calves decreased and people went to a lot of trouble and worry about their future. Once, one clever charcoal burner killed the calf, stripped the skin off and stuffed quicklime inside and sew up the hole. Then he put it on the usual place. As usually, dragon gulped to calf down. Then he get thirsty and drunk water from the brook. Lime started to slack, dragon curled up and died.

Long ago, on the Suchý Hill, there was beautiful castle where king lived with his daughter. She was so disobedient that king cursed her and the castle once. Castle changed into the rock and princess is locked up there. Herdsman came to the rock and saw beautiful girl inside of it who baked cake. She complained at her destiny and asked to liberation. “Every night I will appear here. The first night I will come as a burning pig and I will hold a key in the snout – you have to snatch it by this cane.” Then she gave him a cane. Then she said: “The second night, only half of my body will be burning. In the snout I will carry a ring. You have to take it by this cane. The third night, only my head will be burning. In the snout I will have saber that you must take away. Then I will tell you what to do next. If you follow my advice you will be happy.” Next day herdsman was waiting near the rock. At midnight something started to rumble. Suddenly burning pig appeared and emitted fire. Herdsman took fright and jumped aside. Pig went back to the rock weeping and crying and princess is waiting for her deliverance up to the present day.

Formerly, shack called “Hell” stood on the Buková Hill, inside people used to dance and play the violin but only to 10 p.m. If they danced longer, the shack would slump with dancers.

During the 30-year was people hid treasure into Buková Hill. One day, terrible storm came. Streams of water eroded deep chuckholes. In the silt people found gold and silver coins from buried treasures. On Palm Sunday during reading of Passion, this mountain opens up and it is possible to see gold in barrels and mounds. There is a cock on certain place and crows. Who hears him can take as much as he wants but must be careful and quickly to be outside on time. When cock crows for the second time the mountain closes up with roar and he who stayed there is lost forever. One day, three men went to Buková Hill to search for treasure. At midnight, three-legged roebuck appeared in front of them and between little antlers he had red cross with burning sparks. At the same time a voice said: “Who of them will we take the first?” Other voice said: “The red-haired one!” One of them was really red-haired. All of them took fright and ran away. The red-haired one died.

Once, one villager noticed that water in wood well smell bad. So he called for bailiff and twelve councilmen who saw there only needles and broken egg. They called for learned man from Prague and took him to the well. Using magnifying glass he found wild animal. People think that it is a ghost that they saw in the wood before. So they drew two farmers and one after another they lowered them into the will with rod to kill the beast. Both of them were put down by furry hands into the dark. After several years, someone found hat of the first farmer with letter that it is possible to save them if somebody will go down to the will and kill the beast. Wife of the second farmer dared to do it. She went into the will with pitchfork. She did not kill the animal. Only for the second time when she get out of the will and swing on the bank, she killed the beast. Both farmers were liberated. One of them than said that he had had to take care of the beast. Both of them had to stand many adversities. Joy of their return did not last long time. Brave landlady was so weak that she died before sunset.

In Čermná, there was a farmer and at night, he was persecuted by hoot of little owl. He was afraid that little owl invited death and that is why he sold his farm. When he was moving out the last wagon and suddenly he was hearing little owl shouting: “We are moving! We are moving!”

Near Čermná, in 1885, the road was founded. Before, people went on the path. People from Jakubovice as long as they did not have own cemetery, buried in Čermná. The path where they carted dead is called “Cadaveric path”. On this road between Varta and Jansova chapel, flaming bier appears at midnight.

In Albrechtice, one young girl get engaged to sturdy man that nobody knew. Mysterious groom came to her at midnight behind haystack near building. One day, she hid. Suddenly, cemetery doors open and her groom went out. She felt terrible anxiety and she screamed. People from building went out and heard a sound like the coffin dully thudding in the cemetery. Men took fainted away into the building. Called doctor certified her death.

One evening, one woman went through Dolní Třešňovec home to Lanškroun. Close to her she heard something like swish of scythe and when the Moon rose up, at dusk she saw something white like Grim Reaper. She was running home as far as she could. Next morning, people found dead young woman on the same place. As it turned out she ate fish and swallow fish bone and choked to death.